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African Grey parrots are not colorful compared to other parrots. In fact, they are mostly all gray and look as if they have been dusted with soot. The only color that can be seen on these birds is the bright red color located on their tails. Nevertheless, these parrots are striking specimens that showcase hues of charcoal gray and white throughout their bodies. When in flight, their black wing feathers are exposed and their true elegance can be seen. These graceful parrots have large black beaks. Their eyes, surrounded with bare patches of white skin, reveal bright yellow irises and prominent black pupils. For the most part, these birds cannot be sexed visually and therefore need a DNA test to determine their true gender. However, some experienced African Grey breeders are able to determine the sex of the birds as the males tend to have elongated skulls, larger beaks, and are larger in comparison to the females. Unlike budgies and lovebirds, which are prized for their large assortment of color mutations, African Greys do not come in vibrant colors. There are some birds that will have a few red feathers throughout their gray bodies; however, most breeders do not charge for this rare occurrence.

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We have the best bird health guarantee in the country, and more importantly, we keep our word. Our Guarantee states: We guarantee that we are selling you a perfectly healthy bird. Vet checked, but if you are not satisfied with our word, you can go to an Avian Vet and get all testing you prefer to do on your parrots. We can guide you as to the tests we suggest. If the results is not perfect, but the bird can be treated, then we’ll pay for all medications and all treatment. If the results is unacceptable then we either replace your parrots or refund 100% of the purchase price of your parrots.

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The African grey parrot’s ability to talk and mimic sounds makes this medium-sized parrot a captivating companion. African grey owners often report that their greys oftentimes talk in context and seem very attuned to their people’s emotions. The African grey parrot is not just a top talker — this bird is also known for its extreme intelligence, which gives them the moniker “The Einsteins of the Bird World.”


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